Why do you require members to put handwritten notes next to their items for sale or auction?

This helps to prove that the seller has the item in their possession at the time of the listing. While this does not guarantee anything, it is one more step that the seller needs to take to prove ownership.

How do I earn Continental points?

By posting new topics in the forums, answering questions, getting your posts liked by other members, linking your facebook and instagram accounts to your post.

Why do I want Continental points?

This will help you when you go to sell for the first time. People will see that you are a contributing member of the community.

How do I earn Vouch points?

Vouch points are earned by completing transactions. The seller and the buyer both earn transactions when the deal is completed. You can also earn vouch points by verifying your identification with The Ancient City Continental. Vouch points are also helpful outside this community :)

Does The Ancient City Continental provide a money back guarantee on purchases? Caveat Emptor!

Unfortunately, we do not. If we handled the transaction from start to finish, we would have to raise our listing prices as it would require a lot of work to shepherd each transaction. Those costs would be passed on to the seller, and eventually the buyer.
That said, deadbeat sellers or buyers will be excommunicated from the group. Don't mess around or you will find out. So its

How can I take steps to protect myself when buying from another member?

We recommend going through a checklist.

Does the seller have a reasonable amount of Continental points?

Does the seller have vouch points?

Has the seller verified their identity with The Ancient City Continental?

Has the seller linked their Facebook or Instagram account to the page?

Has the seller responded to all your questions?

Have you asked the seller for some proven transactions that have occurred elsewhere?

Common sense goes a long way

What happens if I make an auction listing and the buyer doesn't pay up?

The Ancient City Continental will allow you to run your auction/for sale listing again at no charge.

What happens after I buy or sell an item?

After the transaction concludes, and the buyer has received their item, both the buyer and seller can leave feedback for each other.
Tracking number verifies that the buyer got the product.
Both of you get Vouch points for completing the transaction

What is Sniper Protection?

Sniper protection happens when a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes of the auction.
As soon as that bid is placed, 15 minutes are added to the auction clock.
If no other bids are placed, the bidder wins.
If another bid occurs within that time frame, 15 minutes are added to the clock again. This repeats until the highest bid has won the auction
This helps the seller get max value on their item, and it gives eager bidders a chance to win the item.