Welcome To The Ancient City Continental

Welcome To The Ancient City Continental, a respectful community that allows you to auction or sell your valuables such as knives, bullion, everyday carry items, watches, art, books, or rare collectibles. Most of the big auction sites charge a gargantuan sum to list your items. They’re also not friendly to the knife and edc community.
The Ancient City Continental is a community first, it’s a place where you can make friends and share your knowledge with others. We have a forum section where you can meet people, exchange ideas, share photos, and enjoy some community games.


The more you interact with the community, the more community points you can earn. The more you sell the more vouch points you get. The system is designed to foster trust between members.
  • Founding members coming from the facebook group- get community points off the cuff
  • Buy something- earn sale “vouch” points.
  • List an item- earn sale “vouch” points
  • Create a new topic- earn community points.
  • Answer questions and help others- earn community points.
  • Verify your ID- earn sale “vouch” and community points.
  • Link your social media & earn community points.
  • The vouch system/community point system is designed to foster trust between members.


It is free to join The Ancient City Continental. We do charge a reasonable fee to run an auction or list an item for sale and we do have protocols for listing. These protocols help facilitate a transparent transaction so that both the seller and buyer are delighted. The Ancient City Continental does not handle the exchange of funds between the buyer and the seller.