A Letter From Our Founder


My name is David Mayer, thank you for visiting The Ancient City Continental. I have a background in orthotics and prosthetic fabrication. I've always had an affinity for everyday carry items, knives, bullion, art, and books. I am constantly collecting rare knives and selling pieces from my collection in order to fund new purchases or add to my growing hoard.

I created this platform as a haven for knife enthusiasts, bullion hoarders, edc fanatics, art aficionados, and book worms, and collectors to talk about their love for their hobbies and sell their items at a reasonable price.

Often, well known auction sites charge an arm and a leg to list your items and typically, those costs are passed onto the buyer. And when the seller chooses not to pass those costs on, they tend to lose money moving their item. It doesn't have to be this way. The Ancient City Continental allows you to list your item as a for sale post or an auction. We charge 2% which is way lower than those big auction sites. Big tech social media sites don't allow for the sale of sharp objects or even bullion for that matter- we do. You can list your automatic knives, bullion, edc items, art, and books here and not have to worry about the listing being removed halfway into the auction or sale.

We also have a robust community that allows for the discussion of the things we love. Some of the big social media sites will ban you for posting a picture of a knife or a firearm- we embrace that sort of content. The social media sites also don't allow for the sale of sharp objects or even bullion for that matter- we do. Here you can earn Continental Points for posting your collection or answering questions in the community. We want to reward the exchange of knowledge, not penalize it like those big tech giants do.

We have created a point system that allows one to accrue Vouch Points. Vouch points are earned by selling and buying in The Ancient City Continental. A deal takes trust on both sides! When you complete a transaction in the auction house, both the buyer and seller get their Vouch Points and both can leave detailed feedback on each other's profile. Smart sellers and buyers will take steps to verify their accounts, by doing so they can earn a few precious Vouch Points when they join the group. This allows for a transparent community and makes the buying/selling process a little easier. But as always - do your due diligence before purchasing.

The Ancient City Continental realizes that not all collectors want to handle the sale of their items. We offer a consignment program that allows you to sell your knives at a reasonable price while maintaining your anonymity. Most of the big consignment shops charge as much as 25% to list a knife. We can get it done for less, which means more money in your pocket and less fees passed on to the buyer.

Finally, I believe in giving back to the community, it's not all about the money to me. It's about the community and the exchange of knowledge. You can expect frequent giveaways which I call Shenanigans. They occur randomly but frequently, and good standing members may play in one game per week.

Have fun, be respectful, follow the rules